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Security measures

Is your IT security sufficient? How should you secure paper documents?


What are the requirements regarding the use of cookies, privacy policy, etc.?

Human resources

How should your staff be trained? What clauses should you add to your employees' contracts?


How do you get consent from the persons listed in your databases?

Data theft and loss

What procedure should you follow if your company is a victim of personal data theft or loss?


How can you be sure that your subcontractors are GDPR-compliant?


How do you show that you are properly processing the data sent to you?

Data privacy impact assesment

What measures should you take for the sensitive data you hold?

Processing registry

How do you document the way you process personal data?

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"A great tool for helping SMEs in this task of GDPR compliance. A well marked path will guide and advise you through the various obligations of GDPR. What you need to know, where to start and which route to follow!"
"This tool is very useful for understanding the problems of GDPR. It provides a good framework for the actions to be undertaken as an Insurance Broker.
Benoit Caufriez
Dimitri Goossens
Insurance and financial product brokers, MAXEL S.A.
Michel Pirson
Valery Safarian
Managing Partner, Triangle Partners S.A.

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"Intelligent application, simple and extremely effective for creating a folder that is not simple. We find the processes, the legal documents and the necessary texts."
Michel Pirson
Michel Pirson
Vice President of Feprabel
"At B19, we are committed to respecting our members' personal data. We are happy that we chose to help us comply with GDPR. The GDPR folder this application lets us create simply with unparalleled efficiency has helped us to show the actions we have take to protect out members' data."
Benoit Caufriez
John-Alexander Bogaerts
Chairman, B19 Country Club
"Acerta has been convinced of the contribution of GDPRfolder in helping its customers to comply with the GDPR, thanks to its efficiency and ease of use."
Benoit Caufriez
Benoit Caufriez
Manager ACERTA Consult