Amaplex Software SPRL ensures the protection of your personal data with the help of GDPRfolder

Official number BCE-CBO) of Amaplex Software SPRL : 0661870887

This GDPRfolder badge takes into account the measures taken by Amaplex Software SPRL in all areas of the GDPR below.

As Amaplex Software SPRL, does your company have a GDPR folder to show you are iGDPR compliant ?

Security measures

Is your IT security sufficient? How should you secure paper documents?


What are the requirements regarding the use of cookies, privacy policy, etc.?

Human resources

How should your staff be trained? What clauses should you add to your employees' contracts?


How do you get consent from the persons listed in your databases?

Data theft and loss

What procedure should you follow if your company is a victim of personal data theft or loss?


How can you be sure that your subcontractors are GDPR-compliant?


How do you show that you are properly processing the data sent to you?

Data privacy impact assesment

What measures should you take for the sensitive data you hold?

Processing registry

How do you document the way you process personal data?

Need help in making you GDPR compliant?